Customer support software for agile teams

Automates and personalizes customer support at scale with intelligent support ticket system, live chat software, and knowledge base platform

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Improve your team's support performance in a smart way


A ready-to-go solution for first customers — helps to prove the service commitment and efficiency in resolving issues.


IT Companies

Scalable support solution that automates routine IT help desk tasks and reduce support costs with self-service capabilities.


Brings support, sales, and marketing efforts together across different time zones and languages.


Multi-channel support

Regardless of the way you communicate with customers, submission, attachment, or email is delivered and recorded in a streamlined way.

Support Portal

Accessible with a unique portal URL, the portal provides a single hub for all service related communication. The secure private access is provided to team members, customers, and managers.

Email Ticketing

Backend utilities allow non-technical users to get or provide help using only an email client software. Additionally, support agents can use a set of specific commands in email replies for simplified assignments and submission of internal messages.

Live Chat

Allows customers to communicate with your agents in real-time and get instant answers about their issues.

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web help widget
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Help widget for your website

Give your customers direct access to help desk resources from your website pages and guide them to the most relevant person. The help widget increases self-service visibility, promotes live customer interactions, and completes the customer experience.

Contact Form

Allow customers to get in touch with you by showing the contact form on every web page. Set up the custom contact form with the most important information needed for submission.

FAQs and knowledge base articles

Make articles accessible to customers and allow them to search for solutions without leaving your website. There is no more need to duplicate FAQs on website and the help desk.

Full Customization

Align the floating button to look and feel similar to your website. It's easy to set up, with copy-and-paste code blocks you can embed into website pages. You can change the position, logo, and colors to reflect the website design.

Help desk automation for faster request resolution

Reduces support load with tailor-made automation and provides personalized support to different customers and companies.

Request resolution

Classification, routing, and assignments of customer requests to the right named agents to follow up, with automated replies and email notifications.

Granular configuration

Dictate the level of support for a given customer - prioritize and escalate requests to a higher service level, or meet a specific service level agreement.

Bulk actions

Apply a single help desk action to numerous tickets with a few clicks, without moderating tickets one by one.

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artificial intelligence

AI-recommended solutions to customer requests

The Artificial Intelligence Engine recommends solutions for customer requests based on past requests and conversations between customers and agents.

It searches for solutions by mining and analyzing the stored data and provides agents with a list of the most appropriate responses. The Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms provide the AI customer support software at its full scale.

These responses reduce dependency on agents' memory recall and meet customers' expectations. Regardless of their language or the way the request is articulated, they provide the best possible solution to each customer request.

Built-in best practices of thousands of users

Your support system can be up and running in a few minutes using flexible customization tools that are required for fast implementation and expansion flexibility. The wide range of features is a subject of customization and settings to align with your support process and the volume of requests: support portal appearance, email notification templates, request submission forms, add new customers and fine-tune the workflow rules.

Straightforward utilization

There are only a few steps needed for effective use in any organization. The interface is intuitive, whilst the implementation is smooth without a steep learning curve.

Frequent upgrades

This is one of the main benefits of SympoQ. We make frequent releases with new features to deliver additional value to our customers and improve their support capability.

Permanent support

If you need help or have any questions about your customer support system, specific requirements, or its implementation, you'll get competent technical service and support.