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Helpdesk software combines the different methods of a company’s customer service and support tasks and activities. A powerful helpdesk software requires mindful integration of support ticket system and knowledge base, and usually aligns with existing website software and design.

Many helpdesk products incorporate a diversity of support channels offered to customers. Some of the most popular are: web support portal, email ticketing, live chat support, phone calls, social media, mobile application, and others.

Each support channel seamlessly integrates reciprocally, making it a powerful support center for all customer issues and requests. Along with the advanced features, support software management, which relies behind the helpdesk software, is always straightforward with its features and administration interface.

Online helpdesk software vs. email ticketing system

Online helpdesk software solutions are largely based on email messagers as a communication channel between support staff and customers. Customer usually sends a standard email message with a description of their request to one or more help desk addresses. Afterward, the email message is imported into the helpdesk database software. Customer can also reply to a message sent by support agents. Advanced help desk systems also enable conversion of email attachments into the database for further processing. This kind of communication and providing support is also known as email ticketing system.

However, a substantial disadvantage exists within this system, since emails may get lost or not get into the inbox, as they might get treated as spam email. It also requires a powerful email conversion utility, having many email standards implemented on various servers for email delivery and email receiving.

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Support ticketing systems have a similar approach to handling customer support issues. Support ticket software is mostly used in an environment where customers usually don’t expect instant answers. Similar to email support, these systems require a customer to leave their name, email address, and problem description. It is usually provided with a web-based request submission form. Among other data, it allows customers to attach files, and enter additional data required to descrive their issue. Afterward, the request is stored in the support ticket database.

Support ticket software is reasonably affordable to maintain, with only a few people needed to handle the volume of tickets for the average organization or a website. They are also efficient, as customers can leave their concerns at any time, and they can receive email notifications and alerts about the status of their requests.

The Power of Cloud and SaaS

The SaaS model is what brings effectiveness to helpdesk features and benefits delivered in the cloud. The cloud delivery model provides SaaS helpdesk software without dedicated IT resources. It offers the option of using it as a simple or sophisticated web-based solution, depending on business needs.

Team members with appropriate access permissions can monitor the complete service support performance from the browser of any web-connected computer. On the other side, internal and external customers can browse the online knowledge base and submit requests.

Quality Software-as-a-Service helpdesk can be a winning factor for many potential customers and an advantage over a competitor. Most online companies will never have face-to-face contact with their customers, so their portrayed personality becomes made up through the service rather than their body language.

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Online support provided with the SaaS helpdesk can also be less expensive, as many customers find their answers in well-designed knowledge bases instead of contacting a support representative. Rather than having a large customer relations team, the company might only have a few people for each thousand that visit the website - assuming that a large, well-written knowledge base exists.

SympoQ empowers this goal – to create a single point of access in an organization that can provide cost-effective customer support:

  • Track and manage customer support issues effectively to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Coordinate widely distributed tasks, enforce standards and reduce human error.

Multilingual SaaS Helpdesk

SympoQ is a multilingual helpdesk application. Besides English, the user interface is available in Spanish (Español), Dutch (Nederlands), Arabic (العربية), German (Deutsch), and Portuguese (Português).

Users do not need to set their preferred application language. The application shows the user interface based on the user browser's language. For example, if the user's browser is set to Spanish ("es"), that user will see the Spanish version of the application.

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