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Support ticketing

The help desk ticket contains a basic set of information needed to keep and resolve customer's issues in a centralized way. Your customers are able to submit a request using a common email software (e.g. Outlook, GMail) or a custom defined SympoQ submission forms. Agents and customers are also able to communicate between each other using the same communication channels.

Each ticket keeps a detailed record of all actions and processes performed needed to resolve customer issues, making it easier to track ticket updates and also to report on what, when and how the issue was solved.

Ticket status

Ticket status is automatically updated depending on the current workflow stage and the last action performed. There are four statuses available, each of which marks a different stage along the path from a customer submitting a request to your agents solving it:

  • New – a ticket that has just come in and hasn’t been replied nor processed yet
  • Working – a ticket that has been opened, assigned to some of your agents and requires attention. Open tickets are the ones currently on your plate
  • Pending – a ticket waiting for the client to reply or close it
  • Closed – means the ticket has been deemed resolved and thus closed. Can still be reopened by both customer and agent.