Introducing the new Spotlight search

Introducing the new Spotlight search

We have been working for a while to improve the relevancy and usability of the SympoQ global search, and we are now thrilled to announce the new capabilities of the Spotlight search engine!

Now we have improved with a more powerful search engine to boost the speed of all searches, as well as improved navigation across the helpdesk!

Spotlight search is accessible from the most frequently used pages: Dashboard, Ticket list, Customer list, and Knowledge base. It is usually used as a shortcut to get the relevant information needed to complete a help desk action. Just click the search icon above the main menu (right from the site name) and the Spotlight window will open within your current page. Start typing your query string or a question. Afterward, choose one of the search lists to run the query.

It will navigate you to the selected list and return items that the search engine found.

Ticket list

You can now search tickets using their ticket tags, the original description, and the customer name. The search is now 50% faster than before and it performs in the same way as invoked within the ticket list: takes the date period from the dashboard page, and searches across all ticket queues.


Along with the customer name and email address, now you can search for the company name and their username. After the redirection to the customer’s list, you can additionally filter the list with the following data: customer group, role, and country.

Knowledge base

The knowledge base search is now unified and behaves the same way as a search in the knowledge base. Simply enter your query or a question, and you’ll be returned with a list of ranked articles according to the query.