Redesign of date range pickers

date range picker

After the improved search and filtering options on the ticket list page, we’ve also upgraded the look and features of date range pickers. It now contains a new calendar design and an improved selection of date ranges. 

This is a further step in a continuous effort to enable the unique interface throughout the help desk. Date range pickers are used in the dashboard, ticket list pages, and in all reports within the reporting analytics section that require date filtering, as well as in the customer part of the support portal.  

The date range picker simplifies the entry of dates in a date input field. It is faster and more optimal than using the keyboard and allows a transparent calendar-type representation and fast navigation through months and days. Users are also able to select pre-selected intervals using the shortcut buttons: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, This month, and Last month. The individual entry has also been retained.