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Sympoq Knowledgebase allows creation of a collection of knowledgebase articles along with commonly asked questions and their answers. All active users are able to browse articles in the Knowledgebase or search them based on a question or keywords they enter.

The Knowledgebase provides a centralized repository for information about your products, services, departments, or other topics. You can group these into Categories and provide different levels of access permissions to each of them. The access permission policy also allows you to provide a set of unique categories and the corresponding articles to selected Customer groups.

Based on the access permissions you set for the knowledgebase categories, you can create three types of knowledgebases and assign access to different users:

  1. Internal - Internal team members (support agents)
  2. Customer - Registered customers from selected customer groups
  3. Public - Guest (anonymous) users and site visitors.


Knowledgebase categories help to organize all knowledgebase articles into a repository with different groups of information. For each category, the access permissions provide or deny access to the category and all knowledge base articles within it.

The categories table available in Settings > Knowledgebase > Categories section represents a list of categories available in the knowledgebase.

knowledgebase categories

To edit a category, click the category in the list.

To create a new category, click the Add Category button.

edit category

In the Category details section, you edit the following data:

  • Title: The Category title
  • Sequence: Specifies the order number of the Category in knowledgebase
  • Icon: Choose the icon that appears along with the category name in knowledgebase
  • Access: Based on the selected value, you can restrict access and the visibility of the category and its corresponding articles:
    • Internal - The category is visible to internal team members only
    • Public - The category is visible to all active users, as well as guest visitors
    • Customer - The category is visible to registered customers from selected groups bellow.
  • Customer group, appears bellow the Access field, if the Customer is selected:
    • Select one or more Customer groups from the list to allow them access to the category.


To create the Public knowledgebase, you should also enable the public access to the Knowledgebase in the Settings : Guest access.

To delete the category, click the Delete button. The button is available only if there are no articles within the the category.


The articles table available in Knowledgebase > Articles represents a list of all knowledgebase articles. You can filter the list and view:

  • Published or all articles
  • Articles within only one category.

You can also export all articles to the CSV format file.

knowledgebase articles

To edit an article, click the article title. To create a new article, click the Add Article button.

edit article

In the Article details section, you edit the following data:

  • Category - Select a knowledgebase category where the article will be stored
  • Published - Checkbox to enable/disable visibility of the article
  • Title - The title of the article
  • Content - Enter or edit the article content using the HTML rich text editor.

To save the changes, click the Save button.

To delete the article, click the Delete button.