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Actions summary report

Actions summary report displays summary data on all actions performed between two dates and aggregated by one of the data labels. The report parameters are the same as in the Tickets summary - Submitted report, except the Show overdue parameter is omitted, and a new parameter is introduced:

  • Performed by: Select named Agent to restrict data by actions' performer, or leave non-selected value for all other performers (named Agents) including system actions.


If label Agent is selected in Group by filter, the reported number of tickets could be different compared to the same report filtered by a named agent in Performed by filter. There are two possible reasons for such difference:

  1. The system actions (e.g. notifications, scheduled actions, etc) aren't included
  2. The named agent might performed actions on tickets he is not assigned to.

To run the report, click the Run Report button. For each of the selected Labels, the following aggregated information are available:

Column label/icon Description Column label/icon Description
Agent replied Updated
Customer replied Moved to Queue
Internal note Merged
Assigned Rule performed
Scheduled escalation Status changed
Notification Deadline set
Attachment Priority set