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Account monitoring

Access log

Access log shows key information about each user login to your site. The page shows 30 days of login activities including the dates, locations and the client device details.

To view the Access log details, choose Access log from the top-right monitoring drop-down menu. The login activity table shows the following information:

  • Log in - Date and time account was accessed
  • User - Full customer or agent name
  • Out - Date and time of user log out
  • IP Address - IP address of the device used to sign in with a link to IP address Whois details
  • Browser - Browser type and version.
  • Language - Browser language identification code.
  • OS - Operating system family
  • Device - Type of device used to log in - Desktop or Mobile.

You can filter the list using filters from the left-pane: Browser, Language, Device and Operating system. It's also possible to search throughout the list for a user name and download the data in CSV format.

Bounced email messages

Bounced messages table represents a list of bounced email messages sent out of your account. These messages are not delivered due to various email transfer errors listed in the "Delivery status" column. The most common error is the wrong recipient email address (Error code 550).

To access the bounced messages table, choose Bounced messages from the top-right monitoring drop-down menu.

If the recipient address is marked with the i icon, all further notifications to the address are blocked due to multiple delivery failure, and the manual action is required.

To make sure that your email notifications are properly delivered to registered users (marked with "®"):

  • Check and update email address for registered users: Customers and Agents
  • Unblock email delivery by choosing "Yes" value in the Enable notifications field.

For unregistered users:

  • Check "Email" value in the Log a Call form, in case you create a ticket using that form.