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Queue list

The ticket queue is a "category" that helps you organize requests and tickets in separate lists with individual permissions for agents. For example, a ticket queue can be mapped to a customer group (one Queue for each customer group), or it can be used to group similar tickets based on priority, topics, agents, etc. Take a look at some examples.

To view or edit ticket queues, go to Settings > Queues. The queues list is displayed in the left-pane.

Queue list

To edit a Queue details, click the Queue name, or click the (+) Add Queue button to add a new Queue.

Queue details

Enter or edit following Queue details:

  • Name: unique Queue name.
  • Icon: select the icon that appears along with the Queue name.
  • Sequence: specify display sequence for this Queue. The sequence determines the order of the Queue in the Tickets details page.

Click the Save button to submit the Queue details.

Once you confirm the Queue details, add the Queue permissions for named agents.


Each Queue should have at least one Queue manager and, optionally, one or more Agents.

To grant Queue permissions, add named agents with the appropriate Role:

  1. Click Add Row button
  2. Select the corresponding Role from the role list:
    • Queue Manager or
    • Agent.
  3. Select Agent from the agent list
  4. Click Save button.

Repeat steps above to add more agents with the specified role to the permission list.

To revoke permission for a particular agent:

  1. Click the Actions menu icon in front of the agent you wish to delete
  2. Choose Delete Row from the action list
  3. Click Save button.


The agent must logout and login again to make the new Queue active.


You can also assign permissions to agent in Users > Agents, Edit agent, Queue permissions section.

Queue list examples

Internal Departments or Teams:

- Inbox
- Support
- Development
- Services
- Sales
- Billing
- HR

Customer groups / Companies:

- ACME Inc.
- Works Ltd.
- HighTechs 
- ProConsulting
- DynamicPlane Inc.


- John Mendow
- Larissa Tsai
- Anthony Porter
- Hameed Al-Misirli
- Joel Valaize