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Ticket tags

When a request is initially recorded, the best that the analyst can typically do is to identify and categorize the request. For the purpose of further ticket processing, SympoQ provides such additional classification tag where the root cause can be documented and subsequently recorded and reported.

The internal tags or labels enable classification and categorization of support requests and tickets with one or more keywords. Support agent or queue manager can classify a ticket using the Tag action in one of the following predefined ticket actions:

As the result, support agents are able to:

  • Search for a specific tag in the Ticket list, e.g. "assistance"
  • Review the ticket summary report aggregated by tags.

You can add tags and edit the list according to your internal classification scheme.

Ticket tags

To edit the Tags list, Go to Settings > Tags.

To add a new tag:

  1. Click Add Row button
  2. Enter the following values:
    • Tag name
    • Color: select the Tag style color from the list
  3. Click Save button.

Repeat steps above to add more tags.

To delete a tag, click the Actions menu icon in front of the value you wish to delete, choose Delete Row from the action list and click Save button.


The deleted Tags are still available to search for in the Ticket list and in the Tickets summary report.