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Forms settings allows you to set up various request Submission and ticket Update forms. The Forms are organized according to Topics. For each Topic, a corresponding Submission and Update form is created allowing you to add custom fields.


Topics list can be set in many different ways. It's up to your internal help desk process and specific requirements on how to set topics and present the corresponding formt them to customers. For example, you can organize topics around specific types of requests, internal departments, Queues, etc. Take a look at some examples.

The Topic list is available in the Settings > Forms menu option.


To edit a Topic details, click the Topic name, or click the (+) Add Topic button to add a new Topic.

Enter or edit following details:

  • Name: unique Topic name.
  • Active: click the toggle switch to set the Topic active or non-active.

Click Save button to confirm the changes.


Type of request - Software company:

- Question
- Feedback
- Bug
- Issue
- Billing
- Request for quote
- Request for contact

Type of request - HRM services:

- Benefits
- Compensation
- Employee Relations
- Labor Relations
- Payroll
- Talent Acquisition
- Worker's Compensation

Internal Departments or Queues - General services:

- Support
- Maintenance
- Development
- Sales
- Billing
- IT
- Delivery

Submission fields

Once the topic is set, the corresponding request Submission form can be set to suit the specific needs for information. Each Submission form provides users with the functionality to review request's data and prepare them for further processing:

  1. Customer request's submission form, either for guest users or registered customers (self-service portal)
  2. Log a call form used by agents.

The Topic select list is displayed at the top of each submission form. It's the only mandatory field along the request Description.


When the Submission form is provided to guest/anonymous customer, they must enter their Name and Email address.

You can add different types of the submission form fields to each selected Topic/Form. The following system fields are available:

  • Subject (free text entry)
  • Priority (select list)
  • Attachment (multiple file attachments).

Along with the system fields, you can add up to 20 custom fields, 5 fields per each type:

  • Text (free entry)
  • Select list (list of values)
  • Flip switches (Yes/No)
  • Date fields.

Submission forms

To add a field to selected Topic/Form, click the Edit button in the corresponding section. In the popup form:

  1. Click Add Row button
  2. Select the corresponding Field type and from the list, e.g. Text field (1), Text field (2), Select list (1), etc.
  3. Enter the field Label
  4. Choose whether the field should be mandatory or not - check or uncheck the Mandatory checkbox
  5. Click Save button.


The Label is not applicable for Subject, Priority and Attachment fields.
The Mandatory is not applicable for Attachment field.
The Priority field is always mandatory, if selected.

The sequence of the Custom fields in the corresponding Form can be chenged in the following way:

  • To move field one place above, click the i icon in Move up column
  • To move field one place bellow, click the i icon in Move down column.


You must Save the changes in and close the popup form in order to add the Select list values (if added previously), and also to use Move up and Move down commands.
You must logout and login again to make the form fields active.

List of Values

For the Select list field type, click the Label to open the popup form and edit the List of Values. To add a new value:

  1. Click "Add Row" field
  2. Enter the new Value
  3. Click Save button.

To delete the value:

  • Click the Actions menu icon in front of the value you wish to delete, choose Delete Row from the action list and click Save button.


If the custom submission fields are added to Technical support form as in the screenshot above, then the corresponding customer Submission form provides the following details:

submit request public

Update fields

The Update fields allows you to update the ticket information with specific data not visible to customers. Each value in a custom field can updated by assigned Agents and Queue managers using the Update action in the ticket Action menu, and also entered in the Log a Call form. You can set up to 9 update fields for each selected Form/Topic, 3 per each field's type:

  • Text (free entry)
  • Select list (List of Values)
  • Datetime fields.

update form fields

To edit update fields for the selected Topic/Form, click the Edit button in the corresponding section. In the popup form, follow the same procedure as in the Submission fields section.


If the custom Update fields are added to Technical support form as in the screenshot above, then the corresponding ticket Update form provides the following details:

update fields example

Automated submission

Along with the regular email-to-ticket utility that converts incoming email message into the ticket data, it's also possible to populate the Custom form fields from the incomming email message.

Such messages are usually generated and sent by third-party automated system sending various alerts and notifications that need attention by your team. The only necessary step by the sender is that the generated email message contains placeholders in the given format and is sent to your inbound email address. Whenever such email message arrives, the email-to-ticket utility will recognize them and append the custom field values to the ticket record, along with other email attributes: subject, date/time, sender name and address, priority, and atachments.

The set of placeholders with their corresponding values is obtained specifically for each request submission form. To obtain the email conversion placeholders:

  • Click the Conversion placeholders button in the Submission fields section. The popup form displays the corresponding placeholder's list.
  • On the email sender's side, put the placeholders at the beginning of the email body, one beneath the other. The rest of the email body will be regularly converted to the ticket message. For example:
{placeholder 1#value 1}
{placeholder 2#value 2}

The first placeholder is mandatory at the beginning of the email body and overrides the Default Topic defined in Settings > Inbound email settings, e.g.:


Subsequently, similar placeholders for text fields, select lists, flip switches and date fields are listed, if defined for the selected Topic/Form:

  • Text fields:
{FIELD_1#Sample text value}
{FIELD_2#Sample text value 2}
  • Select list fields
  • Flip switch fields: to populate with Yes, set the value Y, and similarly, to populate with No, set the value N:
  • Date fields


The date format must match the one you set in the General settings section.


If the custom submission fields are added to Technical support form as in the screenshot above, then the corresponding email body could looks like:

This is an automated notification alert from the Configuration Manager system.


Placeholder's values are specific and unique for each SympoQ account. The values above are for the reference only.