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Workflow rules

The purpose of Workflow rules is to monitor predefined help desk actions and when they meet certain conditions and criteria, workflow commands and email notifications are added to alter the ticket.

The predefined actions that are subject to automation are:

  1. Request submissions,

  2. Scheduled actions, and

  3. Workflow ticket actions enabling Email notifications:

    • Customer actions: Reply, Close ticket
    • Agent actions: Reply, Close ticket, Assign, Log a Call.

For Request submissions and Scheduled actions, you can alter the following commands that are performed automatically based on conditions that you define:

  • Move ticket into a specific queue
  • Assign ticket to your best representative so they get the best service based on the ticket description
  • Set the ticket deadline for unsolved tickets based on issue severity
  • Add the ticket tags
  • Change priority to higher or lower
  • Send email notifications to selected recipients.