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Billable time report

Billable time report displays summary data on used billable time per each ticket based on the defined period and additional parameters. It also displays the total Billable time of all tickets listed.


The billable Agent actions are: Reply, Assign, Note, and Move.

The report is usually used for billing customers, for accounting purposes or tracking the overall agent and team performances. The following report parameters are available:

billable time report filter

  • Between, and: The period refers to time when actions on tickets are performed. To modify reporting period, type a new date in field or use calendar control
  • Customer group: Select a customer group, or leave empty for all
  • Customer: Select a customer, or leave empty for all
  • Performed by: Select named Agent to restrict data by actions' performer, or leave non-selected value for all other performers (named Agents) including system actions. , ^Queue^Select appropriate value from the select list, or leave empty for all
  • Show Assignee: Select Yes to display column with Assigned agent.

To run the report, click the Run Report button. For each listed ticket, the following data are available:

  • ID: The ticket ID. It is also a link to the ticket Details page
  • Billable: Total amount of the billable time recorded during the processing of the ticket in format "Hours : Minutes".
  • Submitted, Customer, Group, Subject, Status, Assignee, Closed.

billable time report data

The Total billable time is displayed in format "Days Hours : Minutes".